Welcome to the Retail Patent Litigation blog. Many have asked me why after five successful years of blogging at my Chicago IP Litigation blog I would start another blog. Ultimately, I am starting this blog for the same reason I started (and will continue writing) the Chicago IP Litigation blog. I have an active patent litigation practice representing companies across the retail supply chain — retailers, distributors and manufacturers. Over the last two years, brick and mortar retailers – and their supply chains – have begun facing patent litigation with an alarming frequency, mostly by patent trolls or non-practicing entities. This blog will address the big issues faced by the retailers, and the links in their supply chain.

As I speak to industry groups, I have noticed that my clients and other industry members have a core set of common questions and issues. This blog will be less about case law — like my Chicago IP Litigation blog, which will continue as it has for the last five years — and more about the issues faced by the retailer. This blog will be a resource for the executives and in-house counsel in the retail supply chain when they have patent litigation issues, or to understand the current state of patent litigation as it relates to the retail supply chain.

Welcome to the Retail Patent Litigation blog. I hope to see you here frequently.