Last month, I chaired a day-long PLI program discussing troll cases.  The day was an excellent dialogue on changes in the law impacting troll cases and trends in defending against trolls.  We heard from the general counsel of a start-up with a unique perspective on dealing with troll suits in young, growing businesses.  And we had experts on the current patent reform legislation, the state of patent damages and the ITC domestic industry requirement.  The agenda included:

  • The View from the C-Suite: How a Start-Up GC Faces NPEs — Sean Patrick Butler
  • ITC: Recent Developments in Domestic Industry and ITC Law — Stefani E. Shanberg
  • Panel on NPE litigation — Anthony E. Dowell, Peter Kirk, Amy G. O’Toole, and R. David Donoghue
  • Damages Update: Apportionment, RAND, and Other Federal Circuit Decisions Sonal N. Mehta, Cynthia Bright, and Ahmed J. Davis
  • Overview of NPE Reform Legislation with a Focus on the Practical Impact of Legislation — Laura A. Sheridan
  • Strategies of Defending Against NPEs — R David Donoghue and Steven E. Jedlinski

Click here to register for a webcast of last month’s program

As I begin to prepare the agenda and faculty for next year’s programs — November 21, 2014 in San Francisco and December 19, 2014 in New York City — I would love reader input on what we should discuss this year.  Also, I plan to put a larger emphasis on panels over individual speakers.  So, if you have a unique perspective and would like to join one of my programs as a presenter, please let me know.  Just send me an email.