Like March, April filings were slow as NPEs waited for the TC Heartland decision from SCOTUS.  Frequent filers included Electronic Communication Technologies, Hawk Technology, Internet Media Interactive Corporation, Landmark Technology, Reflection Code, Smart Authentication IP and Soverain.

As usual, I prepared the report in partnership with and using Docket Navigator and its powerful database.  Docket Navigator is a valuable resource, and the place to go if you want to keep track of new patent litigation filings or want to know what is happening in particular cases, how your judge has historically handled a particular type of motion, or a particular plaintiff’s litigation history.  Finally, please let me know if you have thoughts about the report or changes you would like to see.  I am preparing it as a service for retailers and their supply chain who may want an overview of the patent litigation landscape.  So, I am very open to your suggestions for improving the report.

Product Association Technologies LLC v. Clique Media Group, (E.D. Tex.) (multiple cases).

Claim:             Infringement


  • Clique Media Group
  • eBay Inc.
  • Lyst Ltd.
  • Polyvore, Inc.
  • IAC Search and Media, Inc.
  • ShopStyle, Inc.
  • Shopzilla, Inc.
  • YAHOO! Inc.

Plaintiff:         Product Association Technologies LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Kizzia Johnson

Patent:           6,154,738 (Methods and apparatus for disseminating product information via the internet using universal product codes).

Fall Line Patents, LLC v. American Airlines Group, Inc., (E.D. Tex.) (multiple cases).

Judge:             District Judge Robert W. Schroeder, III

Claim:             Infringement


  • American Airlines Group, Inc.
  • American Airlines, Inc.
  • Cinemark Holdings, Inc.
  • Cinemark USA, Inc.
  • GrubHub Holdings, Inc.
  • GrubHub, Inc.

Plaintiff:         Fall Line Patents, LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Antonelli Harrington & Thompson

Patent:           9,454,748 (System and method for data management).

Reflection Code LLC v. Energizer Holdings, Inc., (E.D. Mich.) (multiple cases).

Judges:           Magistrate Judge Stephanie Dawkins Davis; District Judge George Caram Steeh; District Judge Denise Page Hood; Magistrate Judge Anthony P. Patti; District Judge Terrence G. Berg; Magistrate Judge Elizabeth A. Stafford

Claim:             Infringement


  • Energizer Holdings, Inc.
  • Bissell, Inc.
  • Mattel, Inc.

Plaintiff:         Reflection Code LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Jackier Gould

Patents:          7,963,446 (Bar code device); 8,733,657 (Barcode device); and 8,763,907 (Barcode device).

Dalen Products, Inc. v. Six Hogs, LLC, (E.D. Tenn.).

Claim:             Infringement

Defendant:     Six Hogs, LLC

Plaintiff:         Dalen Products, Inc.

Pls. Cnsl:        Luedeka Neely Group

Patent:           5,901,491 (Owl with movable head).

Smart Authentication IP, LLC v. Autodesk Inc., (E.D. Tex.) (multiple cases).

Judge:             District Judge Rodney Gilstrap

Claim:             Infringement


  • Autodesk Inc.
  • Etsy, Inc.
  • DFS Services LLC
  • Discover Bank
  • Discover Financial Services
  • CCP hf
  • CCP North America, Inc.

Plaintiff:         Smart Authentication IP, LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Kheyfits PC; and Van Cleef Law Office

Patent:           8,082,213 (Method and system for personalized online security).

No Magic, Inc. v. Atos IT Solutions and Services Inc., (E.D. Tex.) (multiple cases).

Judge:             District Judge Robert W. Schroeder, III


  • Atos IT Solutions and Services Inc.
  • Bull HN Information Systems, Inc.
  • Futurex, LP

Plaintiff:         No Magic, Inc.

Pls. Cnsl:        Albritton Law Firm; and DiNovo Price Ellwanger & Hardy

Patent:           8,929,552 (Electronic information and cryptographic key management system).

Soverain IP, LLC v. CenturyLink, Inc., (E.D. Tex.) (multiple cases).

Judges:           Magistrate Judge Roy S. Payne; District Judge Robert W. Schroeder, III

Claim:             Infringement


  • CenturyLink, Inc.
  • Episerver AB
  • Episerver, Inc.
  • Datapipe, Inc.
  • AT&T Inc.
  • AT&T Services, Inc.
  • SDL International America Incorporated
  • Charter Communications, Inc.
  • Navisite, LLC
  • Spectrum Management Holding Company, LLC f/k/a Time Warner Cable, Inc.
  • Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
  • Wal-Mart Stores Texas LLC
  • Target Corporation
  • Staples, Inc.
  • Kohl’s Corporation
  • Kohl’s Illinois, Inc.
  • Experian Information Solutions, Inc.

Plaintiff:         Soverain IP, LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Berger & Hipskind; and Capshaw DeRieux

Patents:          5,708,780 (Internet server access control and monitoring systems); 6,212,634 (Certifying authorization in computer networks); 7,191,447 (Managing transfers of information in a communications network); 8,606,900 (Method and system for counting web access requests); 8,935,706 (Managing transfers of information in a communications network); and 6,279,112 (Controlled transfer of information in computer networks).

Hawk Technology Systems, LLC vs. Delta Community Credit Union, (N.D. Ga.; N.D. Miss; M.D. Tenn.) (multiple cases).

Judges:           District Judge Debra M. Brown; Magistrate Judge Jane M. Virden; District Judge Aleta A. Trauger

Claim:             Infringement


  • Delta Community Credit Union
  • Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.
  • Chipotle Services, LLC

Plaintiff:         Hawk Technology Systems, LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe; and Henderson Dantone

Patent:           RE 43,462 (Video monitoring and conferencing system).

Mantis Communications, LLC v. Papa Murphy’s Holdings, Inc. et al, (E.D. Tex.) (multiple cases).

Judges:           District Judge Rodney Gilstrap; Magistrate Judge Roy S. Payne

Claim:             Infringement


  • Murphy’s Marketing Services, Inc.
  • Papa Murphy’s Company Stores, Inc.
  • Papa Murphy’s Holdings, Inc.
  • Papa Murphy’s International, LLC
  • Culver Franchising System, Inc.
  • Edible Arrangements International, LLC
  • Edible Arrangements, LLC
  • Regal Cinemas, Inc.
  • Regal CineMedia Corporation
  • Regal Entertainment Group, Inc.
  • Baskin-Robbins Franchised Shops LLC
  • Baskin-Robbins Franchising LLC d/b/a Baskin Robbins

Plaintiff:         Mantis Communications, LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Law Office of Ryan E. Hatch

Patents:          7,403,788 (System and method to initiate a mobile data communication utilizing a trigger system); 7,792,518 (System and method to initiate a mobile data communication utilizing a trigger system); 8,131,262 (System and method to initiate a mobile data communication utilizing a trigger system); 8,437,784 (System and method to initiate a mobile data communication utilizing a trigger system); 8,761,732 (System and method to initiate a mobile data communication utilizing a trigger system); 8,938,215 (System and method to initiate a mobile data communication utilizing a trigger system); and 9,092,803 (System and method to initiate a mobile data communication utilizing a trigger system).

Internet Media Interactive Corporation v. United Airlines, Inc., (N.D. Ill.).

Judges:           District Judge Robert M. Dow, Jr.; District Judge Andrea R. Wood

Claim:             Infringement


  • United Airlines, Inc.
  • Bunn-O-Matic Corporation

Plaintiff:         Internet Media Interactive Corporation

Pls. Cnsl:        Haller Law

Patent:           6,049,835 (System for providing easy access to the World Wide Web utilizing a published list of preselected Internet locations together with their unique multi-digit jump codes).

Electronic Communication Technologies, LLC v. C&A Marketing, Inc., (S.D. Fla.) (multiple cases).

Judges:           Magistrate Judge Dave Lee Brannon; District Judge Robin L. Rosenberg; District Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks; District Judge Kenneth A. Marra

Claim:             Infringement


  • C&A Marketing, Inc.
  • Balsam Brands Inc.
  • Lumber Liquidators, Inc.
  • DailyLook, Inc.
  • TJX COS, Inc.

Plaintiff:         Electronic Communication Technologies, LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Assouline & Berlowe

Patent:           9,373,261 (Secure notification messaging with user option to communicate with delivery or pickup representative).

Landmark Technology, LLC v., Inc., (S.D. Cal.).

Judges:           District Judge Anthony J. Battaglia; Magistrate Judge Karen S. Crawford

Claim:             Infringement

Defendant:, Inc.

Plaintiff:         Landmark Technology, LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Banie & Ishimoto

Patent:           6,289,319 (Automatic business and financial transaction processing system).

realZOOM LLC v. Calendar Holdings LLC d/b/a, (E.D. Tex.) (multiple cases).

Judge:             District Judge Robert W. Schroeder, III

Claim:             Infringement


  • Calendar Holdings LLC d/b/a
  • Uniden America Corporation

Plaintiff:         realZOOM LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        One LLP

Patent:            7,774,712 (Methods and systems for displaying an enlarged image).