December was typically slow, as NPEs presumably took time away for the holidays.  Frequent filers included Coding Technologies (in a declaratory action), Hawk Technology Realtime Data, Spider Search Analytics, and Symbology.

As usual, I prepared the report in partnership with and using Docket Navigator and its powerful database.  Docket Navigator is a valuable resource, and the place to go if you want to keep track of new patent litigation filings or want to know what is happening in particular cases, how your judge has historically handled a particular type of motion, or a particular plaintiff’s litigation history.  Finally, please let me know if you have thoughts about the report or changes you would like to see.  I am preparing it as a service for retailers and their supply chain who may want an overview of the patent litigation landscape.  So, I am very open to your suggestions for improving the report.

Realtime Data LLC d/b/a IXO v. Egnyte, Inc. (D. Del.) (multiple cases).

Claim:             Infringement


  • Egnyte, Inc.
  • iXsystems, Inc.

Plaintiff:        Realtime Data LLC d/b/a IXO

Pls. Cnsl:        Bayard; and Russ August & Kabat

Patents:          8,717,203 (Data compression systems and methods); 9,054,728 (Data compression systems and methods); 9,116,908 (System and methods for accelerated data storage and retrieval); and 9,667,751 (Data feed acceleration).

Hawk Technology Systems, LLC v. Affinity Gaming (D. Col.).

Judge:             Magistrate Judge Scott T. Varholak

Claim:             Infringement

Defendant:     Affinity Gaming

Plaintiff:        Hawk Technology Systems, LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Lockridge Grindal Nauen; and Rosenblatt & Gosch

Patent:            RE 43,462 (Video monitoring and conferencing system).

Map Mobile, LLC v. Burger King Corporation (E.D. Tex.).

Judge:             District Judge Rodney Gilstrap

Claim:             Infringement

Defendant:     Burger King Corporation

Plaintiff:        Map Mobile, LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Parker Bunt & Ainsworth; and Pia Anderson Moss Hoyt

Patent:            9,532,164 (Mashing mapping content displayed on mobile devices).

Symbology Innovations LLC v. BankFinancial, National Association f/k/a BankFinancial, FSB (N.D. Ill.; E.D. Tex.) (multiple cases).

Judge:             District Judge Edmond E. Chang

Claim:             Infringement


  • BankFinancial, National Association f/k/a BankFinancial, FSB
  • Bounce Energy, Inc.
  • CITGO Petroleum Corporation
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Stewart Information Services Corporation

Plaintiff:        Symbology Innovations LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Andreou & Casson; Ferraiuoli; and Cunningham Swaim

Patents:          8,424,752 (System and method for presenting information about an object on a portable electronic device); 8,651,369 (System and method for presenting information about an object on a portable device); 8,936,190 (System and method for presenting information about an object on a portable electronic device); and 7,992,773 (System and method for presenting information about an object on a portable electronic device).

Dynamic Applet Technologies, LLC v. Mattress Firm, Inc. (E.D. Tex.) (multiple cases).

Judges:           District Judge Amos L. Mazzant, III; Magistrate Judge Kimberly C. Priest Johnson

Claim:            Infringement


  • Mattress Firm, Inc.
  • Sleepy’s, LLC
  • PetSmart, Inc.
  • Urban Outfitters, Inc.
  • Haverty Furniture Companies, Inc.
  • Belk eCommerce LLC
  • Belk, Inc.
  • Nine West Holdings, Inc.
  • Hollister Co.

Plaintiff:        Dynamic Applet Technologies, LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Devlin Law Firm

Patent:            6,446,111 (Method and apparatus for client-server communication using a limited capability client over a low-speed communications link).

VOIT Technologies, LLC v. Guardian Industrial Supply, LLC (W.D. Tex.; S.D. Fla.) (multiple cases).

Judges:           District Judge William J. Zloch; District Judge Beth Bloom

Claim:            Infringement


  • Guardian Industrial Supply, LLC
  • LiveAnew, LLC
  • Golf Cart King, LLC
  • Etrend Media Group, LLC
  • Lord Daniel Sportswear, Inc.
  • Lord Daniel Sportswear Limited Company

Plaintiff:        VOIT Technologies, LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Lipscomb & Partners

Patent:            6,226,412 (Secure digital interactive system for unique product identification and sales).

Internet Media Interactive Corporation v. Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. et al. (N.D. Ill.) (multiple cases).

Judges:           District Judge Jorge L. Alonso; District Judge John Z. Lee

Claim:             Infringement


  • Allscripts Healthcare, LLC
  • Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
  • First Busey Corporation

Plaintiff:        Internet Media Interactive Corp.

Pls. Cnsl:        Haller Law

Patent:            6,049,835 (System for providing easy access to the World Wide Web utilizing a published list of preselected Internet locations together with their unique multi-digit jump codes).

Mantissa Corporation v. First Federal Savings Bank of Champaign-Urbana (N.D. Ill.) (multiple cases).

Claim:            Infringement


  • First Federal Savings Bank of Champaign-Urbana
  • Great American Bancorp, Inc.
  • First Financial Bank, NA
  • First Financial Corporation
  • Old Second Bancorp, Inc.
  • Old Second National Bank
  • Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union

Plaintiff:        Mantissa Corporation

Pls. Cnsl:        Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li; and Young Basile Hanlon & MacFarlane

Patent:            9,361,658 (System and method for enhanced protection and control over the use of identity).

Identity Software Pty. Ltd. v. Ignite FirstRain Solutions, Inc. (W.D. Tex.) (multiple cases).

Claim:            Infringement


  • Ignite FirstRain Solutions, Inc.
  • Medallia, Inc.
  • TrendKite, Inc.

Plaintiff:        Identity Software Pty. Ltd.

Pls. Cnsl:        DiNovo Price

Patent:            6,272,495 (Method and apparatus for processing free-format data).

Spider Search Analytics LLC v. Connotate, Inc. (D. Del.) (multiple cases).

Claim:            Infringement


  • Connotate, Inc.
  • io Corporation

Plaintiff:        Spider Search Analytics LLC

Pls. Cnsl:        Farnan; and Hardy Parrish Yang

Patents:          7,454,430 (System and method for facts extraction and domain knowledge repository creation from unstructured and semi-structured documents); and 8,620,848 (System and method for facts extraction and domain knowledge repository creation from unstructured and semi-structured documents).