I wrote last week about some key implications of PWC’s excellent 2011 patent litigation study.  The study is so dense that it deserves more discussion.  Here are several of the key takeaways from the study. 

  • Big Dollars for Trolls.  Troll damages awards were nearly double those of practicing entities received by practicing entities.
  • NPE’s

dPatent troll litigation has received some excellent media exposure this summer.  First, Chicago’s Ira Glass and his This American Life team put together a phenomenal hour-long program dissecting the patent troll phenomenon – if you have not listened yet make the time, it is very well done.  More recently, Santa Clara University Professor Colleen

Three Boston University professors – James Bessen, Jennifer Ford and Michael Meurer — are writing a provocative law review article using empirical data to quantify the cost of patent trolls. The cost of patent trolls is clear to every retailer that I speak with, but the results of the article are still shocking:

[Patent trolls]