In light of new case law and an uptick in patent filings, and in particular cease & desist letters, I am presenting a Strafford live webinar titled, “Patent Infringement Letters: New Considerations and Best Practices for Senders and Recipients.” The program is being held on Thursday, May 16, from 12:00pm-1:30pm CT. If you

In late May, I attended the sixteenth annual Rocky Mountain IP Institute. I also spoke at the Institute about best practices for communicating between in-house team and outside counsel (more on that later). The Rocky Mountain IP Institute has grown to be one of the largest two IP conferences in the country. More importantly than

On February 2, 2018 at 4:00 pm the John Marshall Law School is offering what promises to be a very interesting CLE presentation by the former Director of its Center for Intellectual Property Law, Richard S. Gruner. Gruner is also former in-house counsel for IBM and the co-author of Transactional Intellectual Property: From Startups to

Ray Niro passed away Monday at the age of 73 in Italy. Most readers will know Ray Niro as the original patent plaintiff’s lawyer. Ray was bigger than life, as was his reputation — both good and bad depending upon where you view the NPE issue from. You can get the details on Ray’s significant

I attended the 14th annual Rocky Mountain IP & Technology Institute at the beginning of June. This panel looked at the PTAB case law and related Federal Circuit decisions over the last year.  Here are the highlights:

  • Institution trends
    • 87% institution rate in fiscal 2013 trending downward and settling in fiscal 2015-16 around two-thirds

I attended the 14th annual Rocky Mountain IP & Technology Institute at the beginning of June. An interesting addition to this year’s Institute was the panel of PTAB personnel, including the following:

  • Nathan Kelley, PTO Solicitor and former Acting Chief Administrative Patent Judge
  • Patrick Bucher, Administrative Patent Judge
  • Melissa Haapala, Administrative Patent Judge
  • K

This recent RPX[1] report tells retailers what you likely already knew anecdotally – NPE cases are back. Patent litigation filings in the first half of 2015 are close to 2013 levels. As you are likely aware, this is in stark contrast to the large drops in 2014 filings.

The 2014 drop was largely explained